Rant: Chair Throw as _______: John Lennon

Here’s the problem with being Pat Knight, and I’m not going to shock you with this, every single thing he does is going to get compared to his dad. He’s the Julian Lennon of college basketball coaching. Oddly enough no one bothers to talk about Tim Knight, making him the Sean Lennon of whatever it is Tim is doing these days.

Pat opened himself up to the Bob Knight comparisons when he went off on his players in a press conference. But the comparisons are largely stretches. Here’s where there are apt comparisons, and you can tell because if you read the following headlines you could easily assume it was Bob and not Pat

Knight Goes Off in Press Conference.

Knight Belligerent and Red Faced in Post-Game Presser

Knight Uses Questionable Tactics to Motivate Team.

After Knight Tirade, Team Trounces Next Opponent

Here’s where the comparisons are a bit of a stretch. Yes, Bob had a number of press conference melt downs, but I can’t think of any where he directly called out individual players. Most of Bob’s were directed at members of the media.

Bob never made me ask the following question. Where the hell is Lamar? Bob had his blow ups at the highest level, on the biggest stages. Pat works for Lamar.

Pat was clearly annoyed at his team, but he was nowhere near ready to explode into a stream of expletives that would make Al Swearengen feel right at home. This was Bob’s trademark.

But there are two specific parts of this story that amuse me. The first is how many people came up with very firm positions about this event who still can’t name one player on Lamar’s team, other than Khloe. I get feeling uneasy with the notion of a coach calling out his players in public, I’m with you there but here’s the thing. None of us know anything about this team. This might be exactly what this group of players needed to get motivated. It’s possible that what they needed more than anything in the world was a swift kick in pants and this is how Pat decided to administer such a kick.

You’ll recall recently when Coach Crean called our entire starting line up a joke. The only difference is he didn’t go player by player and list their shooting percentages. But he could have done the same with Christian, Jordy and Verdell the other day and we all would have understood, because we know the team. I was happy Crean took the wood to that group a bit. It seemed like they needed it. Maybe Pat’s seniors needed the same thing.

The second thing refers directly to the article I first read about this press conference on foxsportshouston.com. The FS Houston staff finished the article with this gem. “Ironically this incident with Pat Knight occured almost 27 years to the day after his father’s famous chair-throwing incident while he was head coach at Indiana.”

That’s asinine. How is it ironic that two incidents as different from one another as one person throwing furniture and another person being angry in a press conference occurred nearly 27 years apart?

When my mom found out that my in-laws got married on July 17, 1971 she said, in an honest moment of excitement at some found common ground, “Wow! That’s 1 year and 5 days from ours!” Which is how we all judge coincidence, by things being one year and five days apart.

Pat’s rant wasn’t exactly 27 years removed from the chair. It was nearly 27 years from the chair throwing. It also wasn’t throwing a chair, or catching a chair, referencing a chair, or rearranging chairs. It was not chair-related in any way shape or form.

If Pat had, on the 27th anniversary of Bob throwing the chair, thrown, caught, referenced or rearranged a chair I would agree that it was quite a coincidence and possibly contained some ironic elements. But this was not that.

And the fact that the comparison was drawn at all is the problem with being Pat Knight.

Jeff Taylor