Let’s All Be Thankful Kelvin Sampson Doesn’t Coach at IU Anymore

It’s anniversary/reflect on things/good chance to pimp my book time. As pointed out on, fellow Pioneer, Big EZ’s website today, the Kelvin Sampson Show Cause Penalty is over.

For those of you who don’t recall, in 2008 when all of the dust settled from the wind that blew through the dried and flaky turds Kelvin Sampson had dropped all over Assembly Hall, Sampson was given a five year Show Cause, which means that from that day to this, any NCAA that wished to hire Sampson had to explain to the NCAA why this wasn’t a terrible idea.

It doesn’t seem to have hurt Sampson. He’s been an NBA Assistant Coach and occasional interim head coach since leaving IU. First at Milwaukee and now at Houston and his name has come up a few times on potential head coaching lists for open NBA positions.

An interesting wrinkle to Sampson’s Show Cause is that the stuff Sampson did to get himself in so much trouble, blowing right on by the phone call limits to recruits like Sammy Hagar past a 55MPH Speed Limit sign, wouldn’t be a problem for him today, as there are no more limits on texts and phone calls to recruits.

I’d posit, however, that the rules he broke not being rules anymore does nothing to help his cause. Sampson showed himself, both over the course of his time at Oklahoma and Indiana, not to care about the rules. The rule he chose to break was the phone call limit. And he broke it big, in both places, and at Indiana he did it while he was under sanctions for all the phone calls he made at Oklahoma.

He killed a hobo and then while he was in the court room, being sentenced for killing a hobo, he looked up at the judge from over the body of a second dead hobo, smiled and gave the judge the finger.

For a guy like that, the specific rule is not the hinderance to his being a good upstanding citizen. The fact that there are any rules at all are the problem. Or more accurately, he’s the problem.

I personally hope that Sampson never works again. At any level. So much do I despise what he stands for and what he did to Indiana.

Unlike my friend, EZ, I have no fondness for what Sampson brought to Indiana. His two teams were not very good. The 2008 team, with three future NBA players (Crawford, White, and Gordon), the Big Ten Player of Year (White), and the Big Ten Freshman of the Year (Gordon) were a terrible team in transition and help side defense, they showed very little improvement over the course of the year, couldn’t defend a ball screen, won a lot of games on pure athleticism and very little quality basketball, failed a whole bunch of classes and drug tests, and flat out quit at the end of the year before being either kicked off the team or transferring while throwing potted plants.

I’m glad he’s gone. I’m glad they’re gone, not DJ and EJ, but most everyone else. I’m glad Tom Crean is here with the kind of team he’s managed to put together after clearing the decks in 2008.

But, I’m not ready to forgive Sampson. I doubt I ever will be. I don’t know if he wants to get back into college basketball or not, but here’s my hope.

Calipari bolts for the pros and UK hires Sampson. Ohh, the sweetness of that hate-soufflé.

Oh, and buy my book (the links are at the top and side of this page) to read up, in detail, about this whole sordid mess and why I’m still mad. There’s no greater stocking-stuffer than five-year old anger.

Jeff Taylor