Knowing Who the Best Team is Really Isn’t That Hard

What you are about to read should in no way be taken as an assertion that Indiana will definitely beat Michigan State on Tuesday, because you need to prepare yourself for the very real possibility that we might lose in East Lansing.

Having said that, there is no way you can look at this college basketball season and think anything other than Indiana is the best team in the country. Before looking at IU, let’s look at the other teams that have been talked about as the best teams in the country.

Duke lost yesterday to a bad Maryland team, is playing without one of their best players and has a 27-point loss to Miami on their record. Miami seems to be a good team, but any team with a near 30-point loss isn’t the best team in the country.

Miami just beat a barely .500 Clemson team by scoring 45 points, 4 more than Indiana had at halftime yesterday against Purdue and fifteen points less than our lowest point total in any game all season, our five point loss to Wisconsin.

Michigan eeked out a seven-point win over a bad Penn State team, lost three of their previous four, including a loss to us in a game they were never in and a 23-point loss to Michigan State. You can’t drop a game like that and lose three of four and have anyone think you’re the best.

Gonzaga has two losses to two teams we also lost to, Illinois and Butler, which is a strange coincidence, but the rest of their schedule is pretty weak. They have recent wins over USD, Pepp, LMU, SMC, and SF. While we have recents wins over Michigan, Ohio State and Michigan State. While Gonzaga was notching a 10-point win over San Francisco we were beating arch rival Purdue by 28.

Syracuse might by a contender, but any argument made in favor of Syracuse as the best team in the country is based largely on the hope that they’re a different team with James Southerland than without him. Arguments for Indiana being the best team in the country are based on Indiana playing like the best team in the country.

Indiana plays in the best conference in the county and has five 20+ point wins, plus a seven-point win over #8 Minnesota, a five-point win over #13 Michigan State, an eight-point win over #1 Michigan, and a 13-point win over #10 Ohio State.

We might lose at Michigan State, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we came out with a ten-point win. We’re playing that well right now. It’s the kind of win a national championship team gets. But a loss doesn’t mean that I’m wrong about this. We’re the best team in the country and we should be the odds on favorite to win the NCAA championship.

Only time will tell, but so far, time has told me that we’re #1.

Jeff Taylor