You Oughta Get It

Yes, Tom Crean met with the media this evening. He discussed the situation with the team. Watch it

over here thanks to everyone’s friends at Inside the Hall. It’s worth watching. And before I get too

graphically into what Crean said that I want to talk about, I want to tell you a quick story.

In a previous life I was a gym teacher and a high school basketball coach and one year we had a

young man on our team whose clothes and locker smelled like death. Well, death and cats. It was

offensive. Everyone knew why the lockers smelled that way, but until you’ve

gotten to have the “Tommy, you stink and need to shower and wear deodorant” conversation with an

individual, you have no idea how awkward that can be. Kids that age are just live nerve endings,

you know, and something as personal as how you smell can feel like a real attack. That’s not an

overly easy thing to handle.

Guess how I handled it.

I brought the entire team into the locker room. Made them all breathe deeply of the corpse smell. Then,

you know what I did? I made them pack up their lockers, take their things home to have them cleaned,

or burned, and we had a team discussion on the importance of showering with soap,

giving every part a good scrubbing, using deodorant and that spraying yourself down with Axe

is not the same as a shower and isn’t fooling anyone. It was a message kids need to hear

yearly, and everyone pretty much knew who it was directed at. But no

one had to come right out and tell this kid he stunk. That’s what I thought of when I watched Tom Crean

go after the entire team for the lack of a true leader on the team.

I bet

you can figure out why I thought of that story.

Oh, “We’ve got to get a team of

guys that understands, ultimately, that they are playing FOR

Indiana, not At Indiana. Even some of our Indiana kids have got to understand that. I’d love to tell

you that’s an

out of state thing. No, that’s a universal thing.”

Guys “Our internal team leadership has been less than poor for the last two years.

I mean, “Our upperclass leadership is not good.” He keeps talking about the team but he’s really not.

You can pick it up from what he said.

Oh, don’t think he wasn’t talking about someone specific when he mentioned the Indiana kids.

Go ahead. Think really hard about who the leader should have been these last two years.

I think you can figure it out.

Jeff Taylor