On Grant Gelon

It’s been a couple of days, which has given me the exact right amount of time to get irritated about the story surrounding Grant Gelon’s exit from Indiana Basketball.

Here’s what happened, as best I can tell from reading the reporting on it.

Tom Crean offered a kid a scholarship and he accepted it.

The kid didn’t get a lot of playing time last year as a freshman and Tom Crean, the coach who recruited and signed him, was fired.

The new coaches came in, evaluated the talent on the team, and told this kid that he wouldn’t be on the team next year.

The kid and the family are upset with how everything went down.

In world of things that are not story, this is maybe the biggest Not-A-Story ever.

I’m not saying that Grant and his family don’t have have every right to be upset. Sure they do. This sucks for him, and being mad at the people who told him to leave is a perfectly normal response.

That doesn’t mean Miller did anything wrong. His team. He gets to make it up however he sees fit. That’s a large part of his job. Fans who go beyond the “This sucks for Grant. I wish him well” to the point of also being mad at Miller – unless they are related to Grant or went to school with him – are kind of overreacting and should calm down a bit.

I haven’t seen much of that response, but I’ve seen it a bit.

The response I saw more frequently, that I found preposterous to the point of anger was that this was an indictment of Tom Crean and the way he recruited and signed players.

Let me see if I can track the reasoning behind how this is Tom Crean’s fault and proves, in retrospect, that he was awful.

Crean didn’t recruit Indiana enough. That’s bad.

Crean signed Grant Gelon, an Indiana kid. That’s bad.

Crean didn’t play this kid because he saw that he wasn’t good enough to help last year. That’s…bad? I’m not sure here.

Miller agrees that the kid isn’t good enough and tells him he’s off the team. That’s good, but also Crean’s fault.

Tim Priller isn’t good enough to play either (I think this is safe to say at this point), but Miller keeps him. That’s good, but not an indictment of Tom Crean, for some reason.

I can’t do it. My mind is broken.

There’s no way, using the rules of logic, that Archie keeping Tim Priller, but not keeping Grant Gelon, proves that Tom Crean’s recruiting approach vis-a-vis oversigning is to blame.

It proves that Gelon was a miss.


Add him to the list of recruits that came to campus and didn’t work out, but don’t use this kid’s admittedly sucky situation as a cudgel to beat up on Tom Crean as a recruiter. Not only does it make no sense (see above), but also, he’s not the coach anymore.

Why go back re-litigate something like this? What’s the benefit other than filling column inches in August?

It’s like Walter Sobchak started covering IU basketball.


Not everything in Los Angeles, in the early 90s, is about Vietnam. And not everything in IU Basketball is about Tom Crean.

I mean, hell. Maybe Grant Gelon kidnapped himself! Though I’m not sure that would qualify as an emergency either.

Did my analogy stretch itself too thin there? Probably.

Anyway, I hear this Phinesee kid might be pretty good for us next year. That’s something cool.

Unless Tom Crean did something once and then it’s bad, because…reasons. It’s so hard to keep track these days.

Jeff Taylor