On Contracts, Bonuses, Adidas, and Schedules

Archie Miller’s contract was released earlier this week.

Quick summary: Archie can afford a nice house, and isn’t likely to lose his health insurance any time soon. So, good for Arch.

There were two things I found interesting about his contract above and beyond the scheduling bonus (which is what I really want to talk about)

Post Season Bonuses

First, his bonuses for post season play are kind of nuts.

$25,000 bonus to MAKE the NCAA tournament

$25,000 MORE to win 1 game

$35,000 MORE to reach the Sweet 16

$50,000 MORE to reach the Elite 8

$125,000 MORE to reach the Final 4

$250,000 MORE to win it all

That’s a grand total of $510,000 to win an NCAA Championship. My finger on the pulse of IU fandom is that everyone is just fine with that. Hang Banner 6, we’ll happily go along with that.

But, $50,000 for a second round exit?

Here, Arch, he’s $50,000. I hope that makes it easier to deal with the fact that everyone thinks you suck now!

We just watched this play out over the last nine years. IU fans think losing in the Sweet 16 is a failure. Archie Miller will now receive an $85,000 bonus for that type of failure.

Let’s add the $125,000 bonus for winning a Big Ten title and another $50,000 for winning Big Ten Coach of the Year and if Archie reproduces Tom Crean’s results from 2013 – the year that pissed so many fans off it eventually got him fired – he’ll get a bonus of $260,000.


My Adidas

Second, and this one is amazing. “The employee shall receive and annual allowance of $10,000 for the placement of orders for adidas product.”

That’s a Brewster’s Millions-Level spending challenge. I honestly don’t know how he’s going to have time to coach or recruit. It would take me 40-60 hours a week to do the shopping required to spend $10,000 on Adidas apparel every year.

If you see him wearing anything other than Adidas head to toe, and I’m including his underwear here, you accost him for wasting money.

Run-DMC read this and thought it was excessive.


Now, here’s the one that’s got people talking.

Archie gets a $125,000 bonus if he schedules no more than one non-conference opponent with an RPI higher than 300.

Initial reaction to this was, “Good! We shouldn’t be scheduling teams like that anyway!”

A sentiment with which I agree wholeheartedly.

I’ve railed for years against the signing of Non-State State Universities. There’s no state called “Alcorn” or “McNeese” don’t add to “State” to those words and pretend that’s a real thing. And then don’t schedule them.

But, here’s the thing. I’m not sure Archie needs this money. All the Adidas clothes and free cars he needs, notwithstanding, his actions thus far indicate that he’s not overly worried with losing this bonus.

Here’s what’s been release this week about IU’s non-conference schedule next year with their 2017 RPI in parentheses.

Howard (339)

Seton Hall (46)

South Florida (317)

Arkansas State (113)

Eastern Michigan (178)

Duke (10)

Louisville (11)

Notre Dame (22)

Youngstown State (256)

If these numbers hold, bye-bye bonus. Also, in case you missed it there’s a Non-State State University right there in italics.

If this bonus was meaningful to him, don’t you think Youngstown State’s 256 would be higher than he was willing to schedule? I wouldn’t play a team with an RPI north of 200 just in case they turned out to be much, much worse than expected.

Not Archie.

“Really, Fred. A $125,000 bonus for not scheduling teams with an RPI higher than 300? I’ve got $10,000 in free Adidas every year! And over a quarter of a million coming to me if I disappoint the entire fan base. Here’s my first schedule. You’ll notice I’ve already scheduled two of these bottom feeders, plus a Non-State State U for good measure. You can keep your $125,000 dollars. I’ve already got toilet paper in my house!”

For anyone looking for a sign that the Archie Administration was going to make all your Tom Crean angst go away, I’m afraid the first piece of tangible information we’ve received can’t be that reassuring.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Jeff Taylor