Don’t Sell Yourself Short, IU Football, You’re an Incredible Slouch.

It’s year four. And Bowling Green.

There’s a lot for even the most football-ignorant of us (self-descriptor) to scratch our heads over following the 45-42 loss at Bowling Green yesterday. Here are some perfectly reasonable questions you could be asking yourself this morning.

1. How did we commit two consecutive pass interference penalties in the final 30 seconds of the game?

2. Why is our kicking game so bad that we’d rather go for every fourth down, full with the knowledge that we don’t convert fourth downs, rather than kick a field goal?

3. Why don’t we convert on 3rd downs?

4. We practice against a hurry-up offense every day in practice, why did we look so completely unable to stop one in a game?

5. Is it just me, or did #24, Tim Bennett, look like he had no idea the pass might be coming his way when the entire offense cleared out, leaving him alone on an island to defend the only WR on the field?

6. Why aren’t we better, four years into Kevin Wilson’s tenure, than a team that could lose on the road to Bowling Green?

7. The Big Ten has been getting its ass handed to it, by every other non-conference opponent this year, and in most bowl games for the last few years. Which means that the Big Ten is in a down cycle. How are are we still the worst team in the Big Ten when the entire Big Ten is worse than it normally is?

8. Is there a law that says we can’t get better?

9. Why am I not surprised by this outcome? And here it is, the big question.

10. How fired is Kevin Wilson at the end of this season? I’ve been squarely in the GIVE RODNEY A CHANCE category for the last four years. And I’m not one to jump quickly on the FIRE [INSERT COACH’S NAME HERE] bandwagon.

So, give this the weight that those two statements warrant.

It’s been four years. We’re not better enough that a trip to Bowling Green that results in a loss isn’t surprising to anyone. Anywhere. At all. That means we’re not better.

Point to whatever stats, or impressions you have from practice, or appearance of swagger, or whatever nonsense proof you want to use to say that you see a difference between the Kevin Wilson Hoosiers and the Bill Lynch, or Jerry DiNardo, or Cam Cameron Hoosiers. We’re still a team that is, if not exactly expected, then at least anticipated to lose at Bowling Green.

This is IU football. Business as usual. We’re not good.

And the kicker, not the one who can’t be trusted to take a field goal, the one that puts the exclamation mark on my point, is that I don’t care. To quote Mrs. Peacock from the single creepiest hour of television ever created (do yourself a Halloween favor and watch the X-Files episode “Home” in a dark room tonight) I watched us blow that game in a thousand ways for over 3 hours and “whole time, felt the same as if I’s makin’ breakfast.”

I’ve become so accustomed to, so desensitized to, an IU football loss that I was legitimately more upset that my adopted Barclay’s Premiere League team, Liverpool, lost at home to Aston Villa 1-0 than I was to the IU loss. I’ve never been to Liverpool, whereas I spent years of my life in Bloomington, and I was PISSED that the reds got pushed around by whatever the hell Aston Villa call themselves, while I was completely unmoved that Bowling Green beat us.

This may be due, in part, to the fact that Liverpool was supposed to win that game, and Sturridge is out injured after his stint with the English National Team, and Balotelli seems to be a giant waste of space, and I can’t figure out why Brendan Rodgers started the game with Sterling on the bench, unless it was roster management designed to keep a fresher team ready for the Champions League match on Tuesday against Ludogorets Razgrad and the offense looked confused and stagnant. Or maybe I just like Premiere League Football better than I like college football. Or maybe I like Brendan Rodgers with his stubby little arms and his confusing pep-talk-envelopes full of names, than I do Kevin Wilson.

Or maybe I’ve lost patience for any sporting event that takes 3.5 hours.

It’s hard to say, but it’s no less true for my inability to name the reason.

But here’s what I do know.

Four years in, and it doesn’t seem that Kevin Wilson has the ability to make us good. So, start the clock. It’s officially the countdown to Bowl Game or Coaching Search.

Jeff Taylor